Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Straight Goods On "Bad Posture"

Sneak Peek the poster supporting the upcoming feature "Bad Posture", directed by Malcolm Murray:

"...'Flo', newly fired from his job, spends his summer wandering Albuquerque aimlessly with best friend 'Trey'. Together, they spend days and nights pursuing Trey’s illicit moneymaking schemes.

"But when Trey implicates Flo in grand theft auto, Flo finds it difficult to shake his feelings of remorse—and his feelings for the car’s beguiling owner, 'Marissa'. Flo’s journey back to Marissa takes us through the interior life and layered society of a truly singular environment...."

"'Bad Posture' is a coming of age romance where no one comes of age and the romance is doomed from the start," said director Murray about his film. "Really though, it’s a love letter to Albuquerque. I’ve always been drawn to the way that directors use Western landscapes to free their characters from having to explain anything about themselves."

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