Wednesday, June 01, 2011

"Double Crossed" On DVD, July 26

From MVD, the action thriller "Double Crossed", will be released on DVD July 26, 2011 :

"...Arising over a dispute following a poker game, underworld enforcer 'Nate Collins' (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.), assigns three female assistants, 'Dixie' (Noelle Perris), 'Angel' (Avnit Gordon) and 'Jazzy' (Tamara Mitchell), to kill notorious mob boss 'Carlos Enriquez' (Emilio Roso) in Las Vegas.

"The women soon discover that Enriquez is the most ruthless target they have ever encountered, when they are caught and become hostages. But Enriquez convinces Angel and Dixie that it was actually Collins who lost the poker game, owing three million dollars and he sends the girls to kill Collins and bring him back the money.

"The women have 24 hours to complete the mission, or 'Jazzy', the remaining hostage - will be killed..."

DVD Bonus Features include behind the scene footage, movie trailer and previews of upcoming films.

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