Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Road To Perdition" The Sequel

Vertigo's graphic novel continuation of the "Road To Perdition", available August 24, 2011, written by Max Allan Collins with illustrations by Terry Beatty and a cover by Lee Bermejo, is a new chapter in the comic book series that inspired the 2002 Oscar-winning motion picture "Road To Perdition", directed by Sam Mendes :

"...The setting is America in the early 1970's, and our third generation hero, 'Michael Satariano', Jr. is a Vietnam vet recently returned to the States. He doesn't know that his father's real name was 'Michael O'Sullivan' and is unaware of the conflict between his dad, his grandfather and 'John Looney', the crime boss of 'Rock Island', Illinois. But when he's recruited by the mob, Michael learns the hard way that you can never outrun your past..."
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