Friday, April 29, 2011

Starz Takes A Look @ "Twilight Eyes"

According to Starz, the network is prepping to develop a new series adaptation of author Dean Koontz' 1985 'psychic' novel "Twilight Eyes".

"Twilight Eyes" introduces a character with the self-appointed name, 'Slim MacKenzie', who uses 'psychic powers' to hunt down 'Goblin' monsters, with the ability to shape shift and 'mimic' human beings. Throughout the book, Slim wages war on the monsters with his future wife, 'Rya Raines'.

The book describes the Goblins as genetically engineered super-predators with a built-in desire for human misery. Created in an ancient, technologically superior era of human civilization, they exist purely to torment, terrify and ultimately destroy all of mankind.

Slim's claim to fame are his purple 'Twilight Eyes', which give him the ability to receive psychic, or prophetic, premonitions of the future. They also allow him to see through the disguise of the goblins.

Author Koontz will executive produce the new series.

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