Friday, April 29, 2011

"Tracker": Trap The Enemy To Set Them Both Free

Sneak Peek "Tracker", the British-New Zealand action-thriller set in 1903, directed by Ian Sharp and written by Nicolas van Pallandt, starring Ray Winstone ("Sexy Beast") and Temuera Morrison :

"...'Arajan' (Winstone), a Dutch Afrikaner veteran of the Boer War and master tracker, is promised a bounty to capture 'Kereama' (Morrison), a Māori seafarer accused of killing a British soldier. Keremea, who protests his innocence, repeatedly escapes and is recaptured. Arajan and Kereamea get to know and respect each other, before a showdown with British troops led by 'Major Carlyle' (Gareth Reeves)..."

Shot on location in Queensland, the film’s wild, striking landscapes offer a stark contrast to the violence of colonialism.

More than a lesson in colonial history, "Tracker" is a meditation on victimhood and transcendence, encouraging viewers to consider the persecuted individuals in the film.

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