Monday, April 18, 2011

"Akira": 'Neo-Tokyo' Is About To Explode

Sneak Peek a new quad poster by Tyler Stout, supporting a special screening of writer/director Katsuhiro Otomo's 1988 Japanese animated feature "Akira", now available on Blu-ray, based on the "Akira" 'manga' comic book series.

The 'cyberpunk' science fiction film is set in the futuristic, post-war city, 'Neo-Tokyo', circa 2019, focusing on 'Shotaro Kaneda', a gang member, who tries to stop 'Tetsuo Shima' from releasing 'Akira'.

'Akira' was a young boy who developed transcendent 'psionic', god-like abilities when serving as a test subject for secret government ESP experiments during the 1980's. He subsequently lost control of this power and the ensuing blast annihilated Tokyo in a horrifying explosion in 1988. After the apocalyptic event, Akira was recovered and subjected to every test known to modern science, which proved unable to solve the mystery. He was then placed within a 'cryonic' chamber underneath the 'Neo-Tokyo Olympic Stadium'.

"Akira" the film explores a number of psychological and philosophical themes, including the nature of corruption, the will to power and the growth from childhood to maturity for both individuals and the human race. Notable themes in the film include youth culture, cyberpunk, delinquency, psychic awareness, social unrest and revolution.

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