Monday, November 08, 2010

Panettiere and Reed Are Up For "Downer's Grove"

Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes) and Nikki Reed ("The Twilight Saga") will next star in "Downers Grove", based on the novel by author Michael Hornburg, directed by Nelson McCormick ("Promo Night") from a screenplay by Bret Easton Ellis ("American Psycho").

"...'Downers Grove' is the haunting and tender story of 'Chrissie Swanson' (Panettiere), a paranoid high school senior for whom graduating has become a matter of life or death. She's an unusual girl in an ordinary town. Her mother's sex life is overshadowing her own; her brother is aboard his own private Enterprise, slipping into one black hole after another; her best friend is hornier than a Prince song; leaving her eccentric grandmother as the only source of wisdom in a rapid downward spiral.

"As Chrissie tries to take control of the events that shape her life, she finds the events beginning to take control of her, until she is finally cornered by choices with everlasting consequences..."

Filming of "Downer's Grove" will start Spring 2011 in Louisiana.

Myriad Pictures are selling international rights to the film, for producers Oren Segal, Media Talent Group, Chiara Trento, Bystander Films and Jason Dubin, Mangrove Media.

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