Sunday, November 21, 2010

"The Dark Knight Rises" For "Prey" ?

According to new reports, director Christopher Nolan's third 'Batman' feature "The Dark Knight Rises", may be based on the DC Comics series "Legends Of The Dark Knight", specifically the story arc "Prey", from issues # 11-15, by the creative team of Doug Moench, Paul Gulacy and Terry Austin.

The "Prey" stories, including an appearance by 'Catwoman' were collected in a 1992 trade paperback.

"...a new new psychiatrist in 'Gotham City', 'Dr. Hugo Strange' is obsessed with 'Batman', convincing the mayor to prepare a special task force to capture 'The Dark Knight' with 'Commissioner Gordon' as its head.

"Gordon deploys the overzealous 'Sgt. Max Cort' to lead the task force. Later, it is found that Strange hates the Batman because he loves what the Batman does, becoming 'a creature of the night'.

"Strange deduces the Batman's identity and plays psychologically with him by placing life-like mannequins of his parents in 'Wayne Manor' with audio tapes. He then hypnotizes Sgt. Cort into donning a costume & becoming another vigilante, who then kidnaps the mayor's daughter..."

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