Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bongo Comics: "The Simpsons" - February 2011

Bongo Comics for February 2011 include "Bart Simpson Comics #58 :

"...'Bart' attempts his most elaborate practical joke ever and becomes an Internet sensation with a little help from his friends -- about 15 million of them! Then, 'Rod' and 'Todd Flanders' believe it is their mission to save 'Homer' and Bart's souls..."

In "Simpsons Comics" #175 :

"...After destroying the entire 1970's TV video collection of 'Disco Stu', 'Homer' is ordered by the court to replace the library. Thus begins a nostalgic trip to yesteryear, featuring life on the prairie, variety show puppets, a beaten down and beaten up private eye and a whole lot more..."

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