Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"A Clockwork Orange" Bobble Head: As Clear As An Azure Sky Of Deepest Summer

Sneak Peek the upcoming "A Clockwork Orange" Bobble Head :

"...Bring home a piece of director Stanley Kubrick's dark science fiction classic, with this 'Bobble Head' version of the character 'Alex' as portrayed by actor Malcolm McDowell in the 1971 feature. Standing 7 inches tall, this Bobble Head, has all of the style, with none of the social commentary."

"A Clockwork Orange" was based on author Anthony Burgess' 1962 novel of the same name, focusing on 'Alex' (McDowell), a manipulative teenage psychopath whose pleasures included the music of Beethoven and 'ultra-violence'. After Alex leads his gang of 'droogs' ('Pete', 'Georgie' and 'Dim) on a murderous crime spree, he is captured and submits to a a politically-motivated psychological conditioning technique.

Kubrick's adaptation featured disturbing images, to facilitate commentary about psychiatry and youth gangs, with social, political, and economic subjects occuring in a dystopian, future Britain, set to Moog synthesizer music by composer Walter Carlos.

According to Kubrick, the film’s central moral question (as in many of Burgess’ books), is the definition of 'goodness' and whether it makes sense to use aversion theory to stop immoral behavior.

"This is a social satire, " said Kubrick, "dealing with the question of whether behavioral psychology and psychological conditioning are dangerous new weapons for a totalitarian government to use to impose vast controls on its citizens and turn them into little more than robots. It is at the same time a running lecture on free-will."

The "A Clockwork Orange" Bobble Head" will be available December 10, 2010.

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