Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Disney Epic Mickey"

Sneak Peek designer Warren Spector's upcoming Wii adventure "Disney Epic Mickey", available November 30.

The video game is a sprawling mixture of adventure and platformer, wrapping up Disney's most famous mouse in a story that spans the cartoon character's entire animated history.

"Disney Epic Mickey" was designed by Spector's Junction Point, (purchased by Disney in 2007) exclusively for the Nintendo Wii home console.

Players will control 'Mickey Mouse' as he moves around " a world devoid of color, painting it back to life..."

Premise revolves around 'forgotten' Disney toon characters, including 'Oswald The Rabbit', who was 'pushed' out of the spotlight by Mickey, 'Goofy' and 'Donald Duck'.

The newly released footage offers a glimpse of the game's cinematic intro, showing how the cartoon mouse accidentally creates the evil 'Phantom Blot' by spilling a pot of enchanted paint, owned by the sorcerer 'Yen Sid'.

Seizing the sorcerer's magic brush, Mickey attempts to undo the mess he's made, and save the residents of 'Cartoon Wasteland'.

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