Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Matthau Gets "Freaky Deaky"

Writer/director Charles Matthau, son of actor Walter Matthau, will adapt the 1988 crime novel "Freaky Deaky" by author Elmore Leonard.

Matthau will direct from his own script with actor William H. Macy attached to star.

To be set in 1974, premise of "Freaky Deaky" follows a radical 1960's couple who became activists, then 'explosives experts' for hire.

Several of Elmore's books have been adapted to film, including "Hombre" (1967), "Get Shorty" (1995), "Rum Punch" (aka "Jackie Brown") (1997) and "Out of Sight" (1998).

Other Elmore novels turned into films include "Mr. Majestyk" (Charles Bronson), "Valdez Is Coming" (Burt Lancaster), "52 Pick-Up" (Roy Scheider), "Stick" (Burt Reynolds), "The Moonshine War" (Alan Alda), "Last Stand at Saber River" (Tom Selleck), "Gold Coast" (David Caruso), "Glitz" (Jimmy Smits), "Cat Chaser" (Peter Weller), "Touch" (Christopher Walken), "Pronto" (Peter Falk), "Be Cool" (John Travolta) and the Toronto-lensed "Killshot" (Mickey Rourke).

"Freaky Deaky" starts shooting in 2011.

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