Friday, September 24, 2010

"Simpsons Super Spectacular": 'Bartman' and 'Houseboy'

Sneak Peek Bongo Comics upcoming "Simpsons Super Spectacular" #12, from the creative team of Boothby, Delaney and Pepoy.

"...After a run-in with 'The Brotherhood of Bullies', 'Bartman' is entrusted with the newest invention from 'Professor Frink', a cell phone that can give its owner superheroic abilities. In the hands of Bartman's sidekick, 'Houseboy' (Milhouse), the device turns him into a very, very, bad boy! Then while visiting 'Frink Labs', Bart uses the professor's newest invention to do the family laundry, and soon the genetic material from the clothing melds with Frink's concoction to create sentient metal creatures that resemble the 'Simpsons'..."

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