Friday, September 24, 2010

Acetate Releases "The Factory" And "The Superbees"

Much like predecessors 'New York Dolls', 'Stooges' and 'Dead Boys', 'The Factory" burned like a roman candle, then disappeared into the night.

Led by Vance Bockis ('The Obsessed', '9353', 'Pentagram'), The Factory ruled the roost in the late 1980's, opening for Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Public Image, Ltd. and Johnny Thunders.

Acetate president Rick Ballard held on to The Factory demo he got from guitar player Robbie Limon for the last 20 years, followed by locating and re-mastering the original tapes.

From disco-tinged "Love To Dance" to melancholy "Misfortune Son", The Factory captured the gritty pulse of Washington D.C.

The Superbees follow-up "High Volume" with "Top Of The Rocks", led by vocalist, guitarist Dave James.

The six-song EP also features Jake Cavalier ('The Fuzztones', 'Lords of Altamont') and percussionist Cody ChesnuTT ('The Roots').

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