Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"She-Ra: Princess Of Power" - September 28

Celebrating 2010 as the 25th Anniversary of the female warrior "She-Ra", Classic Media will release the 1980's animated TV series "She-Ra: The Princess Of Power"- Volume 1, Season 1", September 28.

Also known as 'Princess Adora', 'She-Ra' is the twin sister of "He-Man" ('Prince Adam'), debuting March 1985 in the animated feature "He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword", following with the spin-off television series, "She-Ra: Princess of Power", airing September 1985.

The character has since starred in 93 cartoon episodes, a Christmas Special, more than twenty 'Princess of Power' book titles, twelve issues of 'She-Ra' comic books and in six quarterly issues of the "Princess of Power Magazine".

"...In each episode of 'She-Ra: Princess of Power', Adora transforms into her alter ego to fight alongside the 'Great Rebellion' with her winged unicorn 'Swiftwind', for peace and justice on planet 'Etheria', and to defend 'Crystal Castle' against 'Hordak' and 'The Evil Horde'.

"In battle, She-Ra uses her magical sword, the 'Sword of Protection', that she can command into other weapons, enabling her transformation when she holds it overhead and proclaims, 'For the Honor of Grayskull, I am She-Ra!'..."

The first season of the "Princess of Power" series is available on DVD, as well as digital downloads on iTunes and Hulu.

"One of the original female superheroes, 'She-Ra' combines femininity with strength, and in so doing is a timeless symbol of empowerment for women of all ages," said Nicole Blake, EVP, Global Marketing & Consumer Products, Classic Media. "Countless male superheroes have been reintroduced to today’s audiences—now, celebrating the 25th Anniversary, is the time for 'She-Ra'!".

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