Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Superman: The Last Family Of Krypton"

Written by Cary Bates and illustrated by Renalto Arlem/Felipe Massafera, DC Comics upcoming 3-issue comic book series "Superman: The Last Family Of Krypton" :

"...hinges on the fact that while baby 'Kal-el' has rocketed to the planet Earth from his doomed homeworld of 'Krypton', he was not alone. How does a world handle the emergence of the Last Family of Krypton as 'Jor-El', 'Lara' and Kal-El make Earth their adopted home...?

The entire 'El' family adapts to their new home on Earth with varying degrees of success. Young Kal-El becomes a reporter for 'The Daily Planet', while Jor-El favors the company of boy-genius 'Lex Luthor'.

Lara's charity work includes a fateful meeting with the wealthy family that runs the 'Wayne Foundation', while the two new El family members, 'Bru-El' and 'Valora', are the only ones struggling to fit in, even though they're the first Els born on Earth.

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