Saturday, August 07, 2010

BC Film Biz Harmonizes Over Sales Tax

Workers from the BC film and TV industry joined with members of the business community @ Vancouver's North Shore Studios August 5, regarding the new provincial 'Harmonized Sales Tax'.

“Harmonizing the sales taxes will help attract more shows and more jobs to BC, making our province a more competitive destination for TV and movie productions,” said Peter Leitch, president of North Shore Studios/Mammoth Studios and chair of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia.

“The HST is strong medicine for our economy – just like medicine, it may taste bad, but it’s going to make sure we’re healthy and strong tomorrow,"said Jock Finlayson, Executive Vice President, Business Council of British Columbia.

"It’s going to help protect the jobs we have, help spark job creation, and help create higher-paying jobs. The 'PST' was a barrier to the kind of investments that create employment and drive the economy. Harmonization takes down that barrier."

In 2009, 239 motion picture projects were shot in BC...