Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Raimi Shoots For "Earp: Saints For Sinners"

Sam Raimi ("Evil Dead") will next direct "Earp: Saints For Sinners", a futuristic retelling of the gunfight at the OK Corral, adapting the graphic novel of the same title by Radical Publishing.

The film is being developed at DreamWorks with Matt Cirulnick, one of the original creators of the property, working on the first draft.

"...From Matt Cirulnick and David Manpearl comes a modern-day reimagining of the classic western hero, Wyatt Earp, in a special preview of the upcoming, 3-issue miniseries.

"...In a world where the American economy has all but collapsed to the levels of the Great Depression, infamous bandits roam the country and the law is as corrupt as the criminals its sworn to stop. Yet one lawman remains a steadfast moral compass for the people: 'Wyatt Earp'. Earp has collared more most-wanted men than anyone in history – but after a violent assignment claims the life of his brother, Wyatt sets out to forge a simple life in the only boomtown left: Las Vegas.

"With gorgeous women and free-flowing money on endless tap, Sin City attracts more people than a modern gold rush. Though Earp no longer wears a US Marshall’s badge, his past is about to catch up to him. With nearly everything to lose, Earp will have to beat the odds stacked against him in order to bring old-fashioned justice to Sin City..."

"Earp" will be produced by Radical president Barry Levine and Josh Donen, Raimi's partner at Star Road Entertainment. Manpearl, Cirulnick and Radical's Jesse Berger are executive producing, with DreamWorks' Mark Sourian and Jonathan Elrich overseeing the project.

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