Saturday, May 01, 2010

Fox Enrols Vaughn For "X-Men: First Class" ?

According to reports, 20th Century Fox has reached out to director Matthew Vaughn to direct the studio's developing "X-Men: First Class", based on a treatment by Bryan Singer ("Superman Returns").

The news comes after Vaughn's critically praised, box office hit "Kick-Ass", made inroads with fanboys for its subversive humour and comic book smarts, produced, directed and self-financed by Vaughn's Marv Films after every major studio turned him down.

Vaughn previously walked away from a Fox studio deal after negotiations bogged down to direct the Vancouver-lensed "X-Men: The Last Stand", with director Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour") parachuted in at the last minute to helm the third film in the 'mutant mayhem' movie franchise.

Marvel Comics' "X-Men: First Class", featuring 'tomorrow's brightest' superheroes when they were teens, debuted as an eight-issue limited series, September 2006 to April 2007, written by Jeff Parker/illustrated by Roger Cruz, followed by a special issue May 2007 and monthly series , June 2007 with the same creative team.

Marvel superhero characters appearing in the series include 'Angel', 'Beast', 'Cyclops', 'Iceman', 'Jean Grey' and 'Professor X'.

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