Monday, March 01, 2010

Fisher's "Incarceron" Goes To Seed

Fox 2000 will adapt author Catherine Fisher's fantasy novel "Incarceron" with plans to develop the sequels into a film franchise.

John Palermo and Hugh Jackman will produce through their Fox-based Seed Productions.

Debuting in the UK in 2007, a North American release of the young-adult book was published January 2010.

"Incarceron" follows a young boy who lives in a prison 'society', while outside the prison, the world is run by computers. When the boy comes into contact with the prison warden's daughter, events take on a new twist, that threatens to change the social order.

A sequel, titled "Sapphique", will be released in North America January 2011.

Allan Mandelbaum and Rodney Ferrell will executive produce...