Saturday, March 06, 2010

All Roads Lead To Big Screen "Rome"

"Rome" mini-series creator Bruno Heller ("The Mentalist") has reportedly finished a script for Morning Light Productions, which will finance the development of a "Rome" feature film, starring Kevin McKidd as 'Lucius Vorenus' and Ray Stevenson as 'Titus Pullo'.

Premise of the feature will pick up in Germany four years after the HBO TV series ended.

The period costume drama ran for two solidly-rated seasons on HBO, but was cancelled summer 2006 because of high production costs.

"I only discovered halfway through writing the second season, that the show was going to end," said Heller.

"The second was going to end with death of Brutus. Third and fourth season would be set in Egypt. Fifth was going to be the rise of the messiah. But because we got the heads-up that the second season would be 'it', I telescoped the third and fourth season into the second one, which accounts for the blazing speed we go through history near the end. But there's certainly more than enough history to go around..."

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