Friday, February 12, 2010

AMC Resurrects "The Walking Dead" - May 15

AMC has confirmed that Image Comics' "The Walking Dead" comic book series, created by writer Robert Kirkman and illustrators Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard, will start production on a pilot May 15, written/directed by Oscar-nominated Frank "The Green Mile" Darabont.

AMC, is noted for Emmy-winning TV series "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad".

Since its debut October 2003, Image has so far published 69 issues of "The Walking Dead", with steadily increasing sales on single issues, trade paperbacks and hardcover collections.

Premise of the comics follows 'Rick Grimes', a small-town cop from 'Cynthiana', Kentucky, his family and a number of hangers-on who band together to survive a land overrun with living-dead zombies.

As "The Walking Dead" series progresses, personalities shift under the stress of the impending 'zombie apocalypse'.

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