Monday, January 25, 2010

Weird Al Doing Live-Action For The Cartoon Network

Actor/writer/musician "Weird" Al Yankovic, has signed a production deal with the Cartoon Network, to write and direct a live-action show.

"Without going into too much detail, the good folks at Cartoon Network decided that they liked me and wanted me to provide some content for them – series, features, animation, live-action… they were open to anything, " he said.

"So after a couple years (yes, really) of the lawyers going back and forth, we finalized a deal – now all I have to do is start making stuff...the first thing I’m on track to do for them is, in fact, a live-action feature film.

Yankovic is into his third draft of the script.

"It needs to be 'fine-tuned' a bit more," he said, referring to Cartoon Network's request that he develop a show with a younger protagonist.

"The actual star will most likely be teenage..."