Friday, January 22, 2010

Imagine Unravels Roddenberry's "Questor Tapes"

Imagine TV is in talks to remake the 1974 Gene Roddenberry TV movie "The Questor Tapes", originally a TV pilot never picked-up because of creative differences at the time between Roddenberry, Universal and NBC, about an android (Robert Foxworth) with incomplete memory tapes, who searches who searches for his creator and attempts to figure out his reason for being.

The Questor android is widely believed to be the inspiration for Roddenberry's later character, 'Data' of "Star Trek: The Next Geneation".

Imagine's David Nevins and executive VP Robin Gurney will develop the new project with producer Tim Minear, Roddenberry Prods. COO Trevor Roth and Gene's son Rod Roddenberry.

Premise of the film followed an 'android' (Robert Foxworth) with incomplete memory tapes, who searches for his creator and purpose.

Conceived by and executive produced by Roddenberry, the script is credited to Roddenberry and Gene L. Coon. A "Questor Tapes" novelization was also written by author D. C. Fontana.

"...'Project Questor' is the brainchild of 'Emil Vaslovik', who develops plans to build a superhuman android with a team of the world's foremost experts. Attempts to decode the programming tape were unsuccessful, with approximately half of the tape erased. The team then decides to substitute their own programming, over the objections of 'Jerry Robinson' (Mike Farrell), the only team member who actually had worked with the mysterious inventor. But he is overruled by the head of the project, 'Geoffrey Darro' (John Vernon). When the android has been finished, the new tape is loaded, with no results. In desperation, Robinson persuades Darro to allow Vaslovik's tape — what remains of it — to be loaded. Again, the team is disappointed, as there is no response. However, once left alone, the android comes to life.

"It adds the various cosmetic touches to a previously featureless outer skin, then leaves the lab to visit Vaslovik's office. There, confronted by the scientist's secretary, he identifies himself: "I am part 'Project Questor'..."

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