Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AMC Releases "The Prisoner" Online Graphic Novel

The AMCTV update of "The Prisoner" continues in an exclusive 10 chapter online graphic novel, following up the AMC Original series.

In the new stories, 'Rebecca Meadows' searches for her missing sister, leading her to 'The Village', a shared experience in the unconscious minds of its inhabitants, perpetrated by scientists at the 'Summakor' corporation to treat patients with severe psychological dysfunctions.

"...'The Village' is a mysterious town where people have numbers instead of names. Under the leadership of a man known as 'Two', its citizens lead idyllic lives while remaining completely unaware of the outside world.

The Village was created out of the unconscious minds of its inhabitants. It's a shared experience, a group dream. Everyone in The Village lives two lives. Their conscious selves dwell in the real world, while their unconscious selves live in The Village. The Villagers know nothing about their own double lives -- with some exceptions..."