Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Megan Fox Is Hard To "Fathom"...

Actress Megan "Transformers" Fox will star and produce the big-screen comic book adaptation "Fathom," based on creator Michael Turner's comic book series, from a screenplay by Jordan Mechner.

Fox would play 'Aspen Matthews', abandoned on a ship as a child, then adopted by a military man, eventually becoming a champion swimmer and marine biologist who discovers she has water-based powers as part of her ancestry to an underwater race.

Additional "Fathom" producers include Peter Safran, Brian Austin Green, Steve Bessen and Frank Mastromauro.

"Fathom" was originally published by Top Cow Comics, followed by Turner's own imprint, Aspen Comics.

"...The tides of change rise above the surface as 'Humankind' faces a new threat to their existence from the ancient underwater race, the 'Black', the return of 'Killian' sends shockwaves throughout the devastated world of the 'Blue and 'Aspen Matthews' adjusts to life above the water..."