Thursday, October 22, 2009

"The L Word": The Final Season...

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Behind-the-scenes photos by actress Jennifer "Flashdance" Beals on the set of the Vancouver-lensed TV series "The L Word" have appeared as part of a photographic journal in the new "L Word" Final Season 6 DVD set.

The Showtime, US/Canadian co-production portrayed the lives of a group of women, their friends, family and lovers in the Los Angeles-area city of West Hollywood, California.

The series aired from 2004 to March 2009.

The show was created by executive producer Ilene "Barb Wire" Chaiken for producers Steve "Being John Malkovich" Golin and Larry "Barbershop" Kennar.

Season 6 cast includes series lead Beals as 'Bette Porter', Leisha Hailey as 'Alice Pieszecki' (who went on to star in the spin-off 'women in prison' pilot "The Farm"), Laurel Holloman as 'Tina Kennard', Mia Kirshner as 'Jenny Schecter', Katherine Moennig as 'Shane McCutcheon', Pam Grier as 'Kit Porter', Rachel Shelley as 'Helena Peabody' and Daniela Sea as 'Max Sweeney'.

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