Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"The Informant!": Based On A Tattle-Tale...

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"The Informant!" is the newest feature from director/cinematographer Steven "The Girlfriend Experience" Soderbergh, based on the 2000 non-fiction novel by author/journalist Kurt Eichenwald.

Screenplay adaptation is by Scott Z. Burns.

Premise of the 'dark-comedy/thriller', set in the 1990's, follows 'Mark Whitacre' (Matt Damon), a bi-polar 'rising star' at Decatur, Illinois based 'Archer Daniels Midland', who became a 'whistle-blower' regarding the company’s unethical tactics.

In November 1992, Whitacre confessed to FBI agent 'Brian Shepard' (Scott Bakula) that ADM executives routinely met with competitors to fix the price of lysine, a food additive.

Whitacre secretly gathered hundreds of hours of video/audio over several years to present to the FBI, gathering evidence by taping company business meetings in Tokyo, Paris, Mexico City and Hong Kong.
"The Informant!" will be released September 18.

Sneak Peek the official HD trailer for "The Informant!"...