Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Paramount Dives Into Big Screen "Baywatch"...

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Paramount Pictures has hired writer Jeremy "Murray At Large" Garelick to script/direct, co-creator Michael Berk's TV series "Baywatch," as a big screen comedy about sexy lifeguards who patrol the beaches of California.

The potential franchise feature will be co-financed by Paramount and Cold Spring Pictures, financing arm of Montecito Picture Co.

Contrafilm's Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson will produce along with Berk, Doug Schwartz, Greg Bonann and Michelle Berk.

Montecito's Ivan "Animal House" Reitman, Tom Pollock, Jeff Clifford and Joe Medjuck are also involved in producing capacities.

DreamWorks paid seven figures for remake rights in 2005.

"It felt like the template to do a movie that was similar to 'Stripes' and 'Police Academy,' the comedies I loved, growing up," Garelick said.

"Rather than trying to pitch the tone, I figured it would be easier to write the first act to convey who these characters were..."