Sunday, June 07, 2009

Coppola Returns With "Tetro"- June 11...

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"Tetro" is a new feature from writer/director Francis Ford Coppola, starring actors Vincent Gallo, Maribel VerdĂș and Carmen Maura.

"It is set in Argentina", said Coppola.

"The story will follow the rivalries born out of creative differences passed down through generations of an artistic Italian immigrant family."

Coppola was attracted to Argentina as a location.

"I knew Argentina has a great cultural, artistic, literary, musical, cinema tradition," he said. "And I like those kinds of atmospheres very much because you usually find creative people to work with."

Spanish company Tornasol Films and Italian company BIM Distribuzione are co-producers.

Production started March 31, 2008, budgeted at $15 million, with locations including La Boca in Buenos Aires, the Andean foothills in Patagonia and at Ciudad de la Luz studios in Alicante, Spain...