Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taylor Kitsch Lands "John Carter Of Mars"...

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Canadian film actor Taylor "Friday Night Lights" Kitsch has been cast as the lead in Disney's upcoming adaptation of author Edgar Rice Burroughs' "John Carter Of Mars", to be directed by Andrew "WALL-E" Stanton in 2010.

Stanton confirmed that the $150 million budgeted sci fi production, will be live-action.

"There are so many creatures and characters that half of it's going to be CG, " he said. "but it will feel real. The whole thing will feel very, very believable."

Author Burroughs of "Tarzan" fame, wrote 11 volumes of the 'Mars' adventures, focusing on Civil War veteran 'John Carter', whose retreat into a cave to avoid capture by Apache Indians takes an otherworldly turn as he's transported via time portal to the planet of 'Barsoom' (Mars), taken prisoner by 12-foot-tall multi-limbed green Martians, meets the princess of his dreams, becomes a king, raises Martian rug-rats and lives happily ever after.

Although Disney will be producing the film, Stanton confirmed that "this story of John Carter is not going to be an all-ages film..."