Monday, February 09, 2009

Drew Struzan: Art To Make Hearts Rejoice...

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Artist Drew Struzan , regarded as a master of cinema art, is being honored with an exclusive exhibit of his works @ Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California, February 13 to March 2.

Sneak Peek's Michael Stevens asked Struzan if there will be
any 'special' art pieces at the show.

"It's all just my works," said Struzan.

"Some are the illustrations familiar to most of us. What's rare is that the originals are rarely, if ever, seen publicly. The last real showing I had of any size was at the Rockwell Museum and at the Illustrator's Club in New York City back some 10 years ago...

"...The original art for 'Harry Potter', 'Hook', 'Great Muppet Caper' and others will be there at Nucleus as well as Fine Art prints that look identical to the originals, available for sale... p
ieces including 'Back To the Future', 'Raiders' and 'E.T.' will be included as well as some of my personal art for art sake... a showing to make people happy."

"Come share the art with us. After all, it was created to make your hearts rejoice."

As for new works, Struzan said "'Black Cat', an original personal expression will be at the show. First time ever seen in public."

Stevens asked if there will be any new art on the horizon for upcoming genre films?

"I'm retired", he said.

"There will be few if any further pieces of art from me for future films... But maybe, a big MAYBE, if Guillermo or Darabont beg me to come home..."