Monday, January 12, 2009

Rob Wells: "The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun-Time Hour"...

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Actor Rob 'Ricky' Wells, said the working title of the new TV series he created with "Trailer Park Boys" partners John Paul 'Julian' Tremblay and Mike 'Bubbles' Smith is "The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Fun-Time Hour".

Wells said he and the boys have already written five episodes and the comedy series will either air this fall or early 2010.

Rather than reprising their "Trailer Park Boys" characters, the trio will play different, multiple roles.

"That way, instead of getting one new version of each of us, you're getting five or six,'' Wells said.

Wells, Tremblay and Smith are currently touring a stage version of Trailer Park Boys.

"It's more or less a variety show,'' he said.

"It starts out as a puppet show. Then it quickly gets derailed, just kinda turns into a big party. Lots of alcohol. Lots of crowd participation and stuff. Bubbles performs a couple of songs..''