Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don Bluth: "Banjo The Woodpile Cat"...

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Don Bluth Films, Inc. has announced a special 30th Anniversary Edition of "Banjo the Woodpile Cat", produced and animated by former Walt Disney animators Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy.

Directed by Bluth, between March 1975 and December 1979 in his garage, the new special edition has been digitally re-mastered for both widescreen and standard formats.

The two-disc set includes color enhancement and more than 90 minutes of bonus features, including director and producer(s) commentary, an interview with Bluth, Goldman and Pomeroy, a 10-minute news segment on their departure from Walt Disney Productions, a conversation with Bluth and trailers from their other productions.

Winner of the 'Golden Scroll Award' from the Academy of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Films, "Banjo the Woodpile Cat" is a story about your average young cat.

But when one of his pranks backfires, Banjo runs away from home winding up in the big city where he meets cool cats 'Crazy Legs' and 'Zazu'.

"Banjo" started a legacy of films by Bluth and Goldman including "The Secret of NIMH" (1982), "An American Tail" (1986), "The Land Before Time" (1988), "All Dogs Go To Heaven" (1989), "Rock-A-Doodle" (1990), "A Troll in Central Park" (1992), "Thumbelina" (1994), "The Pebble and the Penguin" (1995), "Anastasia" (1997), "Bartok the Magnificent" (1999) and "Titan A. E." (2000)...