Friday, November 14, 2008

DreamWorks Pushing "Button Man", "Cowboys & Aliens"...

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DreamWorks, newly separated from Paramount is quickly prepping a slate of new films including:

"Motorcade", following a convoy of terrorists that commandeer a presidential motorcade in LA, possibly directed by Len "Underworld" Wiseman;

"Hereafter", a supernatural-themed feature written by Oscar-nominated Peter Morgan, with Clint Eastwood directing;

"Dinner for Schmucks", directed by Jay Roach;

"The Trial of the Chicago 7", possibly directed by DreamWorks' Steven Spielberg, starring actor Ben "A Night At The Museum" Stiller;

"Cowboys and Aliens", a comic book-to-film, adapted for the big screen by the writers of "Transformers" and J.J. Abram's "Star Trek";

"Real Steel", a futuristic boxing movie written by Les "Dante's Peak" Bohem;

"The 39 Clues", with writer Jeff Nathanson adapting "The Maze of Bones," from the 10-book "Clues" series.

"Button Man", another comic book-to-film based on the graphic novel by Arthur Ranson and John Wagner;