Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gordon Gekko: Greed Is Still Good...

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20th Century Fox is fast-tracking a sequel to director Oliver Stone's 1987 feature "Wall Street" in light of recent manipulative activity to hit world stock markets.

Allan "21" Loeb, a former licensed stock broker @ the Chicago Board Of Trade will write the screenplay for actor Michael Douglas to reprise his Oscar-winning role as reptilian stock promoter 'Gordon Gekko'.

In the original film, Gekko is taken down by a wire-tap worn by broker protege 'Bud Fox', played by actor Charlie Sheen.

"He went to jail," said Edward R. Pressman, producer of the original film and the upcoming sequel.

"Money Never Sleeps,” one of Gekko’s guiding principles in "Wall Street" (written by Stanley Weiser/Oliver Stone), will be the title of the new film.

"I don’t think he’s much different", said Douglas about the Gekko character.

"He’s just had more time to think about what to do..."