Tuesday, October 14, 2008

EA Lives For "Dead Space"...

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Electronic Arts Inc. have announced that "Dead Space", the award-winning new 'survival horror' game, has shipped retail across North America for the Xbox 360and PLAYSTATION entertainment systems.

The PC version will ship October 20 and be available in Europe, October 24 for the Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 system and PC.

Introduced last year, "Dead Space" is an original horror property that won over critics with stunning visuals/gameplay, winning over 11 awards.

"'Dead Space' has been an exciting new direction for the team seeing how it is the first survival horror game to come out of EA," said Glen Schofield, Executive Producer.

"We created a very deep piece of fiction for the game and really pushed the boundaries...You can even dig deeper into the 'Dead Space' universe with our 6-book comic book series, the animated feature 'Dead Space Downfall' and the interactive web series 'No Known Survivors'."

"...Set five hundred years in the future, Dead Space follows the story of 'Isaac Clarke', a normal systems engineer, who is sent with a small repair team to restore communications aboard an immense mining ship, the 'USG Ishimura'. Once onboard the vessel, Isaac discovers that the crew has unearthed an ancient and malevolent alien presence far beneath the planet’s surface and brought it onboard...its a living nightmare onboard the Ishimura, as the crew are infected by an ancient alien scourge. Clarke’s repair mission becomes one of survival as he fights not just to save himself, but to return the artifact to the planet at any cost..."

Developed at EA Redwood Shores, "Dead Space" is rated M for Mature...