Friday, September 12, 2008

Paramount Playing With "Saturday Night Fever"...

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Paramount will deliver 'movie-themed' games to TVs across Asia following a deal between Paramount Digital Entertainment and Accedo Broadband.

The first games will be based on the hit features "Saturday Night Fever" and "Top Gun".

Territories covered by the deal include Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan where IPTV platforms have had successful commercial launches and China, India and Malaysia, where digital platforms are at an earlier stage of deployment.

"We have found that Paramount Pictures' properties translate well with the casual gaming audience," said Pradeep Mittur, Paramount's VP of Mobile, Asia Pacific.

Subscribers to Accedo's Funspot game channels can play the games with their TV or set-top box remote controls.

Accedo, which provides broadband services including IPTV games, quizzes, puzzles, video art, comics, karaoke and weather info is a Swedish company with offices in London, San Francisco and Hong Kong...