Thursday, May 01, 2008

Senator Finds Time To Beat The "Clock"...

Senator Entertainment will produce a feature version of the Capcom videogame Clock Tower, with Martin "The Hills Have Eyes" Weisz set to direct.

Screenplay is by Eric "Borderland" Poppen.

While the script combines elements present in all of the games, the story focuses more on Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within, where the main female character finds herself committed to an insane asylum "...haunted by a horror she does not understand.."

The project is being fast-tracked, with Senator CEO Marco Weber and production head Vanessa Coifman producing.

Capcom's Haruhiro Tsujimoto is exec producing with the Mayhem Project's Anthony Mosawi and Brad Luff, Tim Kwok, Nicole Rocklin and Wendy Rhoades.

The Weinstein Co. is selling international rights...