Sunday, April 20, 2008

Black Panther Pounces On BET...

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Marvel Comics has signed a deal to turn one of its proprietary superhero characters, the Black Panther, into a prime-time animated series for BET, starting early 2009.

The Black Panther, created by writer/editor Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby debuted in "Fantastic Four" #52 (July 1966).

According to the original story, the 'Black Panther', is the ceremonial title given 'T-Challa', chief of the 'Panther Tribe' of the African nation of 'Wakanda', entitled to the use of a heart-shaped herb that grants the person who consumes it enhanced strength, agility, and perception.

T'Challa is the son of 'T'Chaka', who was the Black Panther before him. In the distant past, a massive meteorite comprised of the sound-absorbing mineral 'vibranium' crashed in Wakanda. Knowing that others would attempt to manipulate and dominate Wakanda for this rare and valuable resource, T'Chaka concealed his country from the outside world, selling off vibranium while sending the country's best scholars to study abroad, consequently turning Wakanda into one of the world's most technologically advanced nations.

Eventually, explorer 'Ulysses Klaw' found his way to Wakanda to covertly create a vibranium-powered, sound-based weapon.

When exposed, Klaw killed T'Chaka and other Wakandans, only to see his "sound blaster" turned on him by a grieving T'Challa...