Friday, April 18, 2008

Disney Unleashing "The Beagle Boys"...?

Interest is gaining for a CG film featuring Disney's The Beagle Boys, a group of fictional human-dog hybrid criminals from the 'Scrooge McDuck' universe, created by Carl Barks.

Debuting in "Walt Disney's Comics & Stories" #134, with the story Donald Duck: Terror of the Beagle Boys (Nov. 1951), the gang were referred to by prison numbers indicated on tags on their red shirts, living in a small hide-out in 'Duckburg' with their pet cat 'Ratty' and mother 'Ma Beagle'.

In the animated Duck Tales, the Beagle Boys were given names and different personalities:

'Bigtime Beagle' is the leader of the group, 'Burger Beagle' is always rambling about food, 'Bouncer Beagle' is distinguishable by his missing teeth', 'Baggy Beagle' has a stupid grin and loose-fitting clothing, 'Babyface Beagle', the youngest of the gang wears baby clothes, 'Bebop Beagle' dresses in the latest fashions and 'Bankjob Beagle' is the largest and strongest member of the gang...