Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Amazing Life" For THX...

"Amazing Life", a new THX trailer playing before features screening at THX Certified Theaters, focuses on photo-realistic organisms growing from a metallic surface, communicating through unique sounds, becoming more harmonious, then culminating into the 'THX Deep Note' crescendo. A final panning shot reveals the surface to be the THX logo covered by living, musical creatures.

For "Amazing Life', THX hired composer Marco d'Ambrosio to design more than 160 sound tracks featuring the voices of 'Speaker Flowers', 'Helicopter Plants' and other unique species, with final mix at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Sound under the direction of re-recording mixer Gary Rizzo.

Visual effects were led by Eyestorm Productions, a Venice Beach VFX studio founded by former Lucasfilm artists Kyle Ruddick and Michael Klima.

"THX gave us an artist's dream creative brief," said

"Create something that is a non-commercial, spectacular piece of art that reaches out to every audience member as a gift, not an advertisement. Its beauty and sound is its message and that alone is THX..."