Thursday, November 22, 2007

Citizen "Kane"...

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Actor James "Rome" Purefoy plays the lead in the upcoming feature "Solomon Kane".

The Puritan sword 'n sorcery pulp character was created in 1928 by Robert E. Howard, author of "Conan the Barbarian".

As Sneak Peek reported in 2002, the property was originally set up at New Line.

Sneak Peek reported in
February this year that "Solomon Kane" was offered up to international distributors through Essential Entertainment at the Berlin Film Festival. To be produced by Samuel "Brotherhood Of The Wolf" Hadida and Paul Berrow, the production was repped by Hadida's Davis Films, with Michael J. Bassett writing/directing.

"Kane" will now be a joint production between Wandering Star and Davis Films with plans to develop a trilogy.

The adventures of "Solomon Kane" was originally published in pulp magazine "Weird Tales", the lead character described as a 'somber and gloomy man', with cold eyes, 2 flintlock pistols and the magical 'Staff of Solomon'.

Marvel also featured the character in the comic books "Marvel Premiere" #33 (December 1976), followed by six-issue mini-series "Sword of Solomon Kane" (1985-6) and magazine "Savage Sword of Conan"...

The 'weird fantasy' screen story will focus on Kane as a swordsman in the 1500's, cursed with a bloody past, vowing never to fight again, until he is forced out of retirement to battle demonic evil once more...

Key Stories...

"Red Shadows" (first published: Weird Tales, August 1928). Also known as "Solomon Kane."

"Skulls in the Stars" (Weird Tales, January 1929)

"Rattle of Bones" (Weird Tales, June 1929)

"The Moon of Skulls" (Weird Tales, Part 1, June 1930; Part 2, July 1930)

"Hills of the Dead" (Weird Tales, August 1930)

"The Footfalls Within" (Weird Tales, September 1931)

"Wings in the Night" (Weird Tales, July 1932)