Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Giant Screen Movies...

IMAX films are some of the best documentary movies ever produced, narrowing the odds on extraterrestrial life, challenging our notions of human endurance and bending our perceptions of reality.

Now High Fidelity HDTV will air these 'Giant Screen Movies' October through December, every Friday night on 'Rush HD', 'Equator HD', 'Oasis HD' and 'Treasure HD'.

Among features making their HD debut are "The Great American West" (Treasure HD); "Amazon" (Equator HD); "Africa: The Serengeti" (Oasis HD); "Super Speedway" (Rush HD); "Adventures in Wild California" (Rush HD); "The Magic of Flight" (Treasure HD); "Stormchasers" (Equator HD); "Cosmic Voyage" (Oasis HD); "The Discoverers" (Treasure HD); "Mystic India: an Incredible Journey of Inspiration" (Equator HD); "Search for the Great Sharks" (Oasis HD); "To The Limit" (Rush HD); "Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods" (Treasure HD); "Chronos" (Equator HD); "Dolphins" (Oasis HD); "Speed" (Rush HD).

“It's a marriage of media, made in viewer heaven,” said High Fidelity HDTV CEO Ken Murphy.

“Filled with high resolution images that deliver a sense of reality and detail, these 'Giant Screen Movies' are tailor-made for crisp HDTV, immersing the viewer in a pure entertainment experience.”

“Nowhere else in Canada can you see these films in high definition,” said High Fidelity HDTV COO John Panikkar.

“These Giant Screen gems represent a pioneering shift of a macro experience...”

High Fidelity HDTV launched Oasis HD and Treasure HD, March 2006, followed by the launch of two additional channels, Rush HD and Equator HD.

High Fidelity will now expand to eight more channels in 2008.

High Fidelity was founded in 2003 by Canadians Ken Murphy and John Panikkar, forming partnerships with other HDTV producers and broadcasters, including Rainbow Media Holdings, the largest US HD content provider/broadcaster.

High Fidelity HDTV is currently shooting in-house productions "Hubble’s Canvas", "Ultimate Dream Day", "Motivated" and "Road Crews"...