Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Enter Toronto's "Ministry of The Interior"...

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Sneak Peek's Norma Dell'Agnese sends us this exclusive report from the opening of Toronto's 'Ministry of the Interior' Design Gallery:

Shrewd move on the part of 'Ministry Of The Interior' (M.O.T.I.) to open their design gallery on Toronto's Ossington Ave. north of Queen: a neighbourhood that's becoming more hip by the week.

While researching for the store, M.O.T.I.'s creative director/owner Jason MacIsaac wanted to bring in products that would be desirable to the film/TV/music industry, where he's been a production designer and art director for 7 years.

In the front window is a huge birdcage in the shape of a stylized dove-- not exactly practical for a real aviary, but gorgeous nonetheless.

M.O.T.I.'s chartreuse/charcoal interior now features a front room of quirky design pieces, the most impressive being large globe lamps of easily-assembled modular wood by New Zealander David Trubridge.

Currently in the back room is "Everything's Amiss": 7 years of work from Brooklyn-based designer Jason Miller, whose award-winning exhibits have been lauded by the likes of Wallpaper Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Smart pieces in the collection include ceramic or chrome deer antlers as lighting fixtures: an urban twist on cottage shabby chic.

3 years ago, a Williamsburg basement gallery inspired Miller to create 'O.K. As Is', a witty riff on the cast-offs stored in hidden areas-- basements, attics, garages-- which, he surmised, said more about the owners than the belongings in their living space.

So we have a lamp made of clear popcicle sticks; mirrored cubes with whimsical finger scrawls in the "dust'; grafitti neatly carved in plastic wood tables. He designed a pastel tweed armchair and "repaired" it with strips of "duct tape"-- in fact made of the softest leather. Elegant kitch indeed.

'Ministry of the Interior' makes a fine addition to Toronto's design scene.

Looking forward to their future exhibits...