Monday, July 30, 2007

Boom! Shows Respect for "The Godfather"

Boom! Studios has announced a licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures for the rights to publish comic books/graphic novels based on "The Godfather".

Based on the books by author Mario Puzo, the new series will be illustrated by artist Greg Scott, whose previous Boom! titles include "X Isle" and "Enigma Cipher".

"I think there's terrific potential with 'The Godfather' to reach a mass audience that's never read comics", said Boom! co-founder, Chief Executive Officer Ross Richie.

Boom! will also use the likeness of actor Marlon Brando as 'Vito Corleone'.

"Which means we can tell Young Vito stories, Old Vito stories," Ritchie said.

"We're really going to flesh out and expand on the world of 'The Godfather' in a new and dynamic way that really hasn't been done before, exploiting the visual storytelling that comics can do in ways that TV, film, and novels can't."