Monday, July 30, 2007

Bad Moon Rising For TV "Nightwolf"...

Devil's Due Publishing has announced that producer Marty "Prison Break" Adelstein and 20th Century Fox Television will develop the comic book series "Nightwolf", about a werewolf turned anti-hero, as a television series.

"Nightwolf" focuses on 'Davey Doyle', a man determined to find a way to redeem himself after a 'lycanthropic' curse causes him to transform into a monstrous killer during the full moon.

Stalking the streets of 'Quad City', Doyle tracks down the most sinister individuals he can find for the 'perfect hunt'.

Adelstein Productions is considering both broadcast and cable network potential for the series.

"This marks Devil's Due's first foray into television, following a string of film options" said DDP president Josh Blaylock.