Saturday, November 25, 2006

Spielberg Talks "Tintin"

According to reports, director Steven Spielberg, speaking before a luncheon crowd of TV executives in New York City, said he is continuing to develop a movie franchise built around the French comic character "Tintin" and a mini-series about the "War in the Pacific".

Spielberg said minis are his preferred small-screen vehicle and that the 10-hour "War in the Pacific" would be what "Band of Brothers" was to "Saving Private Ryan", with the title likely changed for the international market.

Regarding upcoming "Tintin" live-action movies, Spielberg said he had acquired initial rights to the character in 1983, later renewing his option with Herge's estate.

"Tintin", largely based on an earlier Herge boy scout character called 'Totor', debuted January 10, 1929, as a young Belgian reporter who becomes involved in dangerous, investigative cases.