Sunday, November 19, 2006

Singer Going With 'Brainiac' For "Superman: The Man Of Steel" ?

According to reports, 1950's DC Comics villain 'Brainiac', the main villain in producer Jon Peter's early "Superman Reborn" and "Superman Lives" screenplays, will be the antagonist in director Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" sequel, "Superman: The Man Of Steel".

The character has appeared in "Superman" comic books, adapted into a "Super Friends" animated series and is a recurring character on the Vancouver-shot, live-action "Smallville".
Created by Otto Binder (of 'Adam Link' fame), 'Brainiac' debuted in "Action Comics" #242, July 1958.

In storylines involving time travel and cloning, several variations of Brainiac have appeared, usually depicted as a green-skinned alien android from the planet 'Colu', capable of manipulating computer systems, exerting control over time and responsible for shrinking 'Kandor', the bottled, surviving capital city of Superman's destroyed home planet 'Krypton'.

A 'good' Brainiac next appeared in "Action Comics" #276, in a "Legion of Super-Heroes" back-up story, as blond-haired teen 'Querl Dox', aka 'Brainiac 5', 30th century descendant of the original.

In "Superman" #167, February 1964, Brainiac was revealed as a spy machine created by the 'Computer Tyrants of Colu'.

By Action Comics #544, June 1983, Brainiac outfitted himself with a new skeleton body of living metal, topped by a grey 'braincase'.

In the live-action "Superman" TV series "Smallville", throughout Season 5, Brainiac (James Marsters) is referred to as 'Professor Milton Fine', aka 'Brain InterActive Construct', or 'Brainiac'.

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