Thursday, October 26, 2006

Big Screen "Cobalt 60" ?

According to reports, Zack "300" Snyder is interested in directing a big screen adaptation of artist/writer Vaughn Bode's comic book creation "Cobalt 60".

Premise of "Cobalt 60" is set in a violent, post-apocalyptic world focusing on masked hero 'Cobalt 60'.

Bode originally sketched the character in 1959, expanding it in 1968 by drawing 10 pages in black and white for artist Wally Wood's 'fanzine' "Witzend".

Other "Cobalt 60" characters conceived include 'Strontium 90', 'General Hisstory', 'Cordwainer Bigeye' and 'Franklin Gothic Green'.

In 1984, a serialized "Cobalt 60" was published with art by Vaughn's son Mark and stories plotted by writer Larry Todd, appearing in color for Marvel's "Epic Illustrated" debuting December 1984.

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